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Sh. Vaibhav Aggarwal

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Yuva India Foundation was formed by keeping in mind the need of the hour - Development while creating a support mechanism for the society overall. That is why We have always say - YIF will Crete and Improve Policy / Public Policy, Empower People at large and help in creating a Social responsible Mechanism for Social Support. 

Yuva India Foundation - YIF is a Government of India License holder for being a Not for profit and a Registered Entity in India. 

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Goals and Objectives

YIF is a Tax Free organisation whcih is a licensed Not for Profit. At YIF every Penny we get is reimvested in the greated good of the society. We are a Non religious entoty who look at the Majority and Minoryt as Humans of India. Non Partisan in its view approach, YIF has simple goals of meeting with Societal empowerment at large. Be it pubic Policy, government schemes for the poor, or private CSR based projects, YIF will work towards getting it smoothly done. 

The One objective is Social Empowerment.

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